Query S3 data using Amazon Athena
By Mahesh AlayilOn 02 Apr 2020

Amazon Athena is a interactive query service for S3. It provides SQL interface for your S3 bucket data.

Financial Advantages of Cloud Migration
By adminOn 18 Feb 2020

In this Financial Advantages of Cloud Migration article, we talk about the most important financial benefits that you will get by making this decision

How the Cloud Can Augment Digital Transformation
By adminOn 09 Feb 2020

Digital computing and the cloud paradigm have become closely intertwined. The hybrid cloud’s early adopters outstrip the companies that are yet to accept the technology

Continuous Deployment of Azure Linux webapps using Kudu
By Sachin NigamOn 24 August 2017

This is continuation of last post around 

nginx and PHP on Azure Linux Web Apps using custom docker containers
By Sachin NigamOn 14 July 2017

This is part I of hosting PHP apps using custom Docker containers

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