The Role of Cloud Migration in Digital Transformation
By Sachin NigamOn 18 May 2021

Businesses are widely adopting cloud migration to move their digital business operations into the cloud i.e., shifting the on-premise or legacy infrastructure to the cloud. The major reason for the same is that it helps them avoid the need to build and maintain an on-premise infrastructure. Not only this, but it also brings ease of data back-up and recovery.

Managing the Multicloud
By AdminOn 17 May 2021

Organizations across the globe are embracing digital transformation while modernising their business processes and optimising IT infrastructures. It brings technologies like cloud computing to the forefront in addition to their automation, orchestration and data analytics. But as organizations move from static, on-premise infrastructure to dynamic cloud services and hybrid infrastructures, they face several challenges on the way that must be addressed by the IT operators, networking teams, security teams, and developers. With this blog, we will take a deeper insight into some of the major challenges faced while adopting or managing multi-cloud and how organizations can manage it efficiently. Let’s get started!

Query S3 data using Amazon Athena
By Mahesh AlayilOn 02 Apr 2020

Amazon Athena is a interactive query service for S3. It provides SQL interface for your S3 bucket data.

Financial Advantages of Cloud Migration
By adminOn 18 Feb 2020

In this Financial Advantages of Cloud Migration article, we talk about the most important financial benefits that you will get by making this decision

How the Cloud Can Augment Digital Transformation
By adminOn 09 Feb 2020

Digital computing and the cloud paradigm have become closely intertwined. The hybrid cloud’s early adopters outstrip the companies that are yet to accept the technology

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