Ten reasons why businesses should make cloud adoption an IT priority
By Goavega StaffOn 26 July 2022

What is cloud adoption?

How to Migrate On-Premise Applications to Cloud-Native?
By AdminOn 27 September 2021

In the article, our experts tell how to Migrate On-Premise Applications to Cloud-Native. Check out now

How Can Cloud Help Reshape the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing?
By AdminOn 05 August 2021

Intelligent manufacturing is going to re-shape the way you produce, the way you impress customers. But what is the role of the cloud here?

Why do Enterprises Need to Adopt Cloud Technology?
By AdminOn 03 August 2021

Cloud computing is one of the technologies that are changing our world with their wide range of applications and benefits. It has something for almost every enterprise. The current scenario, in which the cloud has taken over how the world consumes technology today, is full of challenges and opportunities. And the same is true for every business, be it big or small, new-age or traditional. In fact, cloud computing itself, is now, a big business. By the end of 2022, the global IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS market size is going to hit $107, $71, and $145 billion, respectively. Adopting the cloud has several benefits, such as it helps you improve your budget flexibility by shifting spending from CapEx to OpEx, enhances business agility and flexibility, etc. However, there is a considerable reduction in time to market for new services, which is why enterprises now rely heavily on cloud services for automation. It helps them obtain resources on-demand that have limitless computing cycles and storage.

The Role of Cloud Migration in Digital Transformation
By Sachin NigamOn 18 May 2021

Businesses are widely adopting cloud migration to move their digital business operations into the cloud i.e., shifting the on-premise or legacy infrastructure to the cloud. The major reason for the same is that it helps them avoid the need to build and maintain an on-premise infrastructure. Not only this, but it also brings ease of data back-up and recovery.

Managing the Multicloud
By AdminOn 17 May 2021

Organizations across the globe are embracing digital transformation while modernising their business processes and optimising IT infrastructures. It brings technologies like cloud computing to the forefront in addition to their automation, orchestration and data analytics. But as organizations move from static, on-premise infrastructure to dynamic cloud services and hybrid infrastructures, they face several challenges on the way that must be addressed by the IT operators, networking teams, security teams, and developers. With this blog, we will take a deeper insight into some of the major challenges faced while adopting or managing multi-cloud and how organizations can manage it efficiently. Let’s get started!

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