Are you tired of repetitive tasks and the painstaking process of writing test scripts for multiple projects? Look no further than Ebony, a cutting-edge automation tool developed by Goavega. Ebony revolutionizes the way you generate automated test scripts for web and mobile applications, making the process effortless and efficient. With its user-friendly interface and human-readable spec files, Ebony empowers you to automate testing like never before.


Streamline Script Development

Say goodbye to the tedious and redundant task of writing identical scripts for multiple projects. Ebony eliminates the need for duplicative efforts, saving you time and reducing expenses.

Standardized Automation

Ebony addresses the lack of standardized thinking and processes for automating test scripts. By providing a cohesive framework, it ensures consistency and promotes best practices in test automation.

Strategic Test Execution

Effective automated testing requires a meticulously planned test strategy. Ebony equips you with the tools and capabilities to execute tests strategically, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliable results.


Time and Cost Efficiency

By automating the testing process, Ebony significantly reduces testing time and costs. Spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus more on enhancing your software.

Improved Software Quality

Ebony enhances the quality of your software by executing thorough and reliable automated tests. It expands test coverage, detecting potential issues and minimizing the risk of defects.

Enhanced Development and Release Cycles

Ebony optimizes the development and release cycles by streamlining the testing process. With efficient automation, you can accelerate your software delivery while maintaining high quality standards.

Strengthened Security and Scalability

Ebony prioritizes security measures, ensuring that your applications are robust and resilient. It also improves scalability, allowing your software to handle growing demands without compromising performance.
Try Ebony today and experience the future of test automation.


Comprehensive Automation

Ebony is a powerful software tool that automates the execution of functional tests for applications and websites. It empowers you to validate the behavior of your software with ease.

Extensibility and Flexibility

Extend Ebony's functionality by using plugins or writing new code. This flexibility allows you to tailor the tool to your specific requirements and adapt it to evolving testing needs.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ebony runs seamlessly on multiple platforms, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. No matter your preferred operating system, Ebony is there to support your testing endeavours.

Low-Code and No-Code Capabilities

Ebony simplifies the test creation process with its low-code and no-code capabilities. You can quickly design tests without extensive programming knowledge, making test automation accessible to everyone on your team.

Mobile and Web Support

Ebony offers comprehensive support for both mobile and web environments. Whether you're testing mobile applications or web-based systems, Ebony has you covered.

Robust Test Coverage

Ebony emphasizes good functional test coverage, giving you confidence in your application's behaviour before releasing it to users. Thorough testing ensures a high-quality user experience and reduces the risk of critical issues.

Discover Ebony, the ultimate automation tool that empowers you to generate automated test scripts effortlessly for web and mobile applications. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks, boost your testing efficiency, and elevate the quality of your software. Take advantage of Ebony's extensive features, flexibility, and cross-platform compatibility to unlock the full potential of test automation. Join the Ebony revolution and embrace a new era of streamlined testing processes.

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