How the Cloud Can Augment Digital Transformation

How the Cloud Can Augment Digital Transformation

Lately, the word digital transformation has created a buzz in the digital world. Companies regularly spend millions of dollars on digital transformation technologies that help them capitalize the digital space. One such technology that stands above all is the cloud. But why cloud? Well, it’s difficult to summarize its plethora of advantages in one sentence. Let’s dive in to know how the cloud can reinvent your business.

The Cloud Enables Digital Transformation

At the centre of the digital transformation, revolution is cloud technologies. The cloud has changed more than the way we implement and manage the IT; the very fabric of business is changing. With ready data access and smart new ways of viewing, analyzing and using the information, the cloud has created powerful new capabilities that disrupt entire business models. Adopting the cloud offers many advantages. Companies moving to the cloud do so for a variety of motivations, looking for a variety of benefits.

Enables Faster Prototyping:

To accelerate digital transformation, an organization requires continuous creativity, testing, and implementation. Cloud provides a platform for companies to quickly create, test, and deploy applications on various platforms throughout the transition process, without setting up complex infrastructure.

Enhanced Communication:

Cloud computing allows organizations to view, download and process information from anywhere at any time, ensuring efficient communication and increasing efficiency. Moreover, video communication is much easier with cloud, as it lets businesses to manage and schedule meetings directly onto the system.

Improved security

When your data is stored in-house, you may constantly face the risk of losing critical information due to unexpected system shutdowns, data breaches, etc. In addition, the chances of system failure are greatly increased in the case of big data analysis. Enterprises can reduce this risk by switching to cloud hosting allowing them to create multiple backups of their data in a secure medium.

Reduced operating costs: 

The cloud provides a scalable service model where businesses are only supposed to pay for the resources they use. It helps to effectively scale the resources based on requirements and saves the purchasing and IT infrastructure management costs. Moreover, cloud servers reduce the need for IT support staff and continual server environment refreshes.

Versatility and productivity

Cloud computing provides agility and versatility through the provision of appropriate systems, software and computing resources without investing in various IT infrastructure. It allows businesses to respond quickly to customer needs, eliminating the problem of overloading or over-provisioning of IT systems.

Although cloud technology provides a wide range of benefits such as fast deployment, automatic software updates, disaster recovery, elastic capacity, and pay-per-use, it’s not an easy task to move all of your apps and data to a public or private cloud with zero data loss and minimal productivity impact. Engaging a dedicated cloud service provider for your cloud transformation project would help ease your path through the cloud transition.

The principle behind digital transformation, whether small or large, is the same for all organizations. The goal is not only to reproduce an existing service in a digital form using technology but also to use technology to turn the service into something significantly better.

However, tech analyst Forrester recently reported that digital transformation efforts are running into roadblocks amid confusion, delusion, and resistance to change. Companies see hot technologies-such as the cloud, big data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-and believe it’s going to be easy to implement systems and create great benefits.

That is not the case all the time. Many systems are hard to improve and will be far from easy to reap the benefits of emerging technology, such as AI. However, the business case for other areas-such as secure cloud hosting-is now well established. As such, the cloud represents a logical first step towards digital transformation.

By embracing the cloud, your business can upgrade its IT infrastructure, create built-in security, and focus on how it can digitally serve clients in new ways. Instead of worrying about big data and AI your company needs to turn to the cloud first. With modern, open technology approach, your company can begin to think about how it can use technology to improve its operations, processes and services.

If there’s something that distinguishes the modern sector it’s the need to look for new business models. The paradigms of digital technology are constantly evolving like the sand moving beneath our feet. Innovation is the only Mantra of Survival.

The Cloud model serves as an innovation catalyst. While adapting their business models to the digital arena or building new business models, organizations need agility, scale-up and down capability, efficiency, elasticity and cost optimization. Cloud delivers all of that and more.

Cloud provides a platform for experimentation with software, fast growth, delivery, and distribution. Testing new projects with the cloud is more cost-effective and low-risk, delivery times are quicker and the pay-as-you-go model is easier on the wallet. This supports the agile philosophy of development. Cloud helps you innovate like a start-up, and perform as a company.

Digital computing and the cloud paradigm have become closely intertwined. The hybrid cloud’s early adopters outstrip the companies that are yet to accept the technology. A recent survey by EMC (now acquired by Dell) reveals that companies aggressively adopting hybrid cloud are 3 times more likely to be approaching their digital business and infrastructure readiness goals. Clearly, the hybrid cloud capabilities are important for the transformation of digital business.

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