Apache Kafka consume and produce messages using Kafka CLI command
By Mahesh AlayilOn 06 Dec 2019

“kafka-console-producer” and “kafka-console-consumer” command Is used for testing topic message delivery and efficient utility for testing our topic and Apache Kafka environment

Manage Kafka Topics Using Topic CLI command.
By Mahesh AlayilOn 05 Dec 2019

Kafka Topic CLI command to Create and Describe topics. Kafka topic CLI command (kafka-topic) is used for managing Kafka topic. Which providers multiple options (create, describe etc) for topic management.

Understanding Apache Kafka Topics Partitions and Brokers.
By Mahesh AlayilOn 04 Dec 2019

Understand Apache Kafka topics, partitions, brokers and offsets before you start actual CLI usage / application coding

Install Apache Kafka on Windows
By Mahesh AlayilOn 04 Nov 2019

Step-By-Step Installation and Configuration Guide Of Apache Kafka On Windows Operating

Apache Kafka Introduction
By Mahesh AlayilOn 03 Nov 2019

A brief introduction to Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed data streaming platform for developing real-time data pipelines and data

Wings of Freedom
By Pooja TayurOn 22 October 2019

Our employees have a lot to say about what makes this such a great environment. That's why we have multiple employee-led committees that keep us on the right track.

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