By Goavega StaffOn 13 Apr 2020

Marketing based on place is a part of our daily lives as customers.

There are several multinational brands that have already embarked on the tricky journey of exporting themselves to foreign markets and are yet able to remain important locally. But how was it that they did?


Remember the phrase ' act globally, go local'? Well, this is all about glocalization, or "going glocal." Big companies tailor their global products to suit a local market to excel in this, and some others also produce new products from scratch considering only the local market. This approach takes into account not just the product itself but also all the social policies involved and marketing activities.

A successful technique for glocalisation obviously takes Transcreation into consideration. Transcreation is the medium that will eventually bring to life all your glocal concepts by adapting your message and making it relevant to local consumers.

Human and consistent message

A strong marketing approach speaks to the environment but it speaks to humans most importantly.

Consumers are becoming more educated, more mindful of their choices and more demanding therefore. Successful global brands understand this and consider developing a consistent message with a meaning that is based on shared human interests and values. Creating a humanized message would ensure that your brand will translate well into other cultures, while being consistent through them all.

Local market sensitivity

In addition to being consistent and individual, another crucial aspect the organization needs to remember is still being significant locally. Specific community wishes, desires, and values must be understood. You have to go out there and take the time to get to know the people and their culture to really communicate with them and live up to the demands of the local market.


Decentralized teams

Although some multinationals have a main team that manages everything in a centralized way, many others want to give their local teams more control so they can handle their own strategic decisions and budgets.

This technique takes into account the use of local experts who can help you accurately relay your message without compromising everything that your company is and needs to communicate. Having decentralized teams is another way to operate internationally but at the local level-in short, glocalization.


We know something about localization and how to communicate with the translators and experts who are trained in this. Yet there's another path some businesses take that goes a little deeper into what we'd like to call going "sub-local."

Sub-location "refers to the consideration of working with professionals who not only have a complete domain of the target language but also know all about the community, who have experience in the topic, region and product in which they work.

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