Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Analytics
By AdminOn 17 Dec 2020

The steady advances in technological terminology over the last few years, coined a new buzzword; “Cyber Analytics”. The question, “What is Cyber Analytics”, points out that there is much more going on behind the screen surface of a computer than a mere sequence of numbers. Cyber Analytics is all about those numbers and how they can be organized to initiate a search and analysis process leading to a solution.

What’s the Future of Cybersecurity for Financial Services?
By AdminOn 03 Nov 2020

Why finincial Companies should re-evaluate business processes and innovate the right cybersecurity solutions with a proper strategy in place

Four Reasons to Outsource Your Cybersecurity
By AdminOn 03 September 2020

As cyber threats become more and more complex, many small and medium businesses (SMBs) are now thinking about protecting their data. And for some solid reason

The Importance of Customer Relationships
By AdminOn 07 August 2020

Customer relationship management is an indispensable core of businesses. What Goavega's opinions are on it? Know right over here.

Navigating through the Covid-19 and VUCA world
By Sumana IyengarOn 29 July 2020

VUCA are challenges the general public and we, as a company, are facing in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Security-first Mindset in Product Engineering
By Goavega StaffOn 01 July 2020

We are increasingly dependent on software applications to run our daily lives, whether it's personal banking, accessing government services, controlling the heating system in our homes or running our relationships. The impact of any related breaches of security ranges from the inconvenience to positive damage. As a result, product teams — be it in the beginning, corporate organizations or vendor organizations — have a great responsibility to ensure that these software applications are secure throughout their lifetime and remain secure.

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