eLearning Solutions for Product Training
By AdminOn 12 May 2020

Goavega has turned elearning flexible, affordable, and convenient than ever before. No wonder your e-learning business is likely to skyrocket.

Role of Business Analyst in Product Engineering
By Krishna ChaitanyaOn 22 Apr 2020

What is the role of a business analyst in product engineering? Well, a business analyst bridges the gap between stakeholders and the development team, interpreting business requirements into understandable development tasks or user stories to match a final product with the expected business value.

Phases of A Product Development Process
By AdminOn 14 Apr 2020

Let's just face it. In today's highly interconnected world, the way consumer expectations are growing, companies are under great pressure to accelerate their product creation lifecycle and to increase their product innovation speed.

Designing a User Centric Product – A User Experience Perspective
By Sarat ChandraOn 13 Apr 2020

How one can deliver a better User Experience of the product.UX - User Centric Product Design Journey - Key Steps- Goavega

How Emerging Firms Stay Globally and Locally Relevant
By adminOn 13 Apr 2020

Marketing based on place is a part of our daily lives as customers.

Project Mindset Vs. Product Mindset: Which has an Edge?
By AdminOn 05 Apr 2020

Product Mindset vs Project Mindset understand what project mindset and product mindset mean and its various roles.

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