Amber's agile framework helps developers to go 10X faster in developing a Website / UI

Amber uses its existing agile Framework and go Lightning-Fast in Development of your web presence in this Rapidly-Changing World. Amber’s USP lies in assisting developers to focus on building the front-end of the website, without worrying about the back-end, SEO optimization and Performance.


Greater Flexibility
Amber allows content to be accessed via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which makes it easier to use with any front-end technology, such as mobile apps, websites, and IoT devices.
Better Performance
Amber separates the back-end from the front-end, which reduces the load on the server and improves website performance.
Improved Security
Amber reduces the risk of security breaches as there is no direct connection between the CMS and the front-end. This means there are fewer points of vulnerability that hackers can exploit.
Easier Content Management
Amber allows content creators to create, manage, and publish content from a single source, which can be distributed to multiple channels. This reduces the time and effort required to manage content.
Faster Development
With a Amber Setup, developers can focus on building the front-end of the website or app, without worrying about the back-end. This reduces development time and costs.
Better Scalability
Amber allows businesses to scale their website or app without having to worry about the limitations of the CMS.
Simplicity & Faster Writing
Enhanced Markdown Rendering & Content Creation allows you to create Your content faster.
Increased visibility & Higher rankings
Amber SEO can increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs), allowing more potential customers to find and visit your site.
Enhanced Branding
Amber customization module allows you to incorporate your brand's colors, logo, and other design elements to create a unique and recognizable brand identity, helping to increase brand awareness and loyalty.
Web Vitals metrics
Amber provides best results in Web vitals which helps website owners and developers focus on the user experience and improve the overall quality of their websites.
Enterprise Architectural pattern
Amber Provides best tuned Architectural pattern that separates the read and write operations of an application into separate models which providers Scalability, Performance, Flexibility and Easier Maintenance.
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