Developed comprehensive solution that provides clients a competitive advantage in advancing clinical trial launch and perfecting the site identification to quickly get access to patients
  • Significant delays and added costs due to a fundamental flaw in the approach of launching clinical trials.
  • Delays in clinical trials impact stakeholders across the board.
  • The patients had to await access to life-changing treatments and medicines due to long process of clinical trial start-up.
  • Delay in trial-startup due to manual procedure of exchanging legal documents, filling exhaustive form fields of trials.
  • Responsive cloud-based Study Start-up Management System (SSMS)
  • All activities of clinical trial start-up process can be managed within products.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based solution, and gives real-time access to all team members anywhere in the world Custom.
  • Research Site Index (RSI)-backed database has more than 120,000 qualified investigators globally.
  • RSI Database is built by integrating more than 10 renowned data source websites.
  • Provision to enhance and customize the product as per customer need.
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