Continuous Deployment of Azure Linux webapps using Kudu
By Sachin NigamOn 24 August 2017

This is continuation of last post around 

nginx and PHP on Azure Linux Web Apps using custom docker containers
By Sachin NigamOn 14 July 2017

This is part I of hosting PHP apps using custom Docker containers

Scaling Azure Search Service using Runbooks
By Sachin NigamOn 02 Jan 2017

One of our customers running on Azure has 10x spikes in traffic during certain day of a week. Since the spikes are predictable and only for certain days, instead of running all services at max capacity, we only scale them up before these spikes and scale them down post the spike in line with the true essence of elasticity of the cloud. We’ve been using Azure Search Services and up the replicaset before the spike. Azure provides 

Running Clustered WordPress on Windows Azure Virtual Machines
By Sachin NigamOn 07 August 2014

We've been running our WordPress

Copying Azure Blob content from one storage account to another
By Sachin NigamOn 26 May 2013

Azure Storage is cool, we use it over here on our .com to server all wp uploads using Azure Storage Plugin for WordPress and we use it almost everywhere else as well for storing our MongoDB collections, for storing images, generated documents et al. We recently had to deal with having to copy few hundred Gigs of data from one storage account to another – basically we are doing a major tech overhaul for one of our customers and wanted to quickly replicate the production environment for testing. Copying/moving blobs from one container to another can be done using 

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