The Importance of Customer Relationships

The Importance of Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Importance:

Every company today sees customers as their biggest priority and the benefits of doing so are greater forever. So, it comes as no surprise that businesses are finding ways to improve and main customer relations.

It’s a known fact that to get and retain customers, it’s important to build customer relationships. But the question is who is supposed to do that? The answer is everyone. It’s the job of everyone in the company—right from the person manning the gates to the CEO.

Maintaining good relationships means everything in business and everyone involved in the business has equal responsibility toward customers. Customer relationship is as old as business itself and having a strong working relationship with customers is possible only through trust and transparency.

Developing a product can take months or years— but that’s not the only challenge for a company. The hardest part is selling it to customers and that determines how good or bad you are at customer relations. Today’s customers are well-read, well-traveled, and have more knowledge about products and services than in the past and their focus is everywhere, not just of the product you’re selling.

So when you are selling them a product or service, they will not just look at what you are selling, but also at how you are selling and how you treat them after the sale. There’s a massive shift that has happened across every stage of customer behavior and as a company, it’s our priority to develop excellent customer relations. This means companies will have to invest in customer service to meet the rising demand of the customers as well as to ensure that customers are retained.

There are three ways to nurture customer relationships:

1.       The Marketer’s Perspective

Marketing is the first department that interacts with customers. This department does everything to generate interest in the product or services that your company develops. The marketing department leverages its familiarity and awareness of the business to inform and convince the customers and future customers. As a matter of fact, any information that the marketing department puts out acts as a potential opportunity to build a relationship with customers. And this is because customers respond to your communication. So it is important to keep the communication right with the customers every single time. The more your marketing team shows focused marketing targeting the customer’s needs and concerns, the more you’ll be seen as having better customer relationships.

In order to create right and positive impressions, your marketing department must have two-way communication with customers. Your marketing department must also develop messages that your company as a leader and expert in its segment. This way people will recognize your company as credible and worthy of having a relationship. This will also lead to better deal closing and more revenues.

2.       From The Sales Perspective

The sales team comes next in your company to deal with the customers and often benefit from the hard work put in by the marketing side. However, the sales team has to build its network of customer relationships and not rely on the relationship built by the marketing side or anyone else in the company. While the marketing side generates leads, it’s the sales department that does the actual selling, hence the sales department needs to be equally responsible for developing and maintaining customer relationship.  The sales team has to show customer-centric behavior and assure the customers that they are buying the best goods or service money can buy.

3.       From The Customer Service Perspective

After the marketing and sales department, it’s the customer service that plays a major role in customer relationships. Take the instance of your company’s social media profile. Customer service plays an important role in keeping your brand active and alive in front of online customers answering queries and helping solve issues. How and what they do is what matters more because dealing with customers is no easy task and not all customers are the same.  How the customer service behaves will decide how your company gets customer relationship right.

Whoever deals with customers must remember that customer service is very crucial in creating and maintaining customer relationships. This includes professionalism at all stages, displaying a personal interest in customers, and being at-hands for solving customer problems both online and offline. While it’s easy to get customers, getting them to come back to you can be tough, especially if there’s little or no customer care. Businesses don’t run on emotion. It requires deep thinking and logic to run business and the same rule applies to customer relationships. That’s why it is important to show commitment to customer relationship right from the start and at every step of the way.

It takes a lot to build customer relationships. It’s a gradual process and takes time. Customer relationship is as important to a business as personal relationships are to us. When businesses develop strong relationships with their customers, it not only leads to better business but also leads to loyal customers.

Across the world, businesses thrive on building customer relationships to grow. If you want to improve your customer relationship, then you must give them a reason to come to you and stay forever.

At Goavega, we have carefully nurtured customer relations and have followed global best practices in dealing with our customers in order to ensure that their work is done satisfactorily and on time, every time. The relationships built over the years have given us the confidence and strength to move ahead.  

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