How Digital Transformation Can Benefit Your Business?
By AdminOn 12 May 2021

Digital transformation has enabled organizations to make rapid adjustments while relying on their cloud architecture, modern security protocols, and agile company culture. It provided them with a wide range of business-enabling technologies that support vast new work-from-home environments while establishing virtualized business transactions and interactions. But there are a lot of companies, non-profits, and governmental entities that are still lagging in their digital initiatives, which is why they are struggling to adjust to the year's rapidly changing economic and social environment. It acted as an alarm for C-suite officers, warning them to stop dragging their feet on their digital transformation efforts since the companies that embraced digital transformation didn’t suffer much disruption in that environment. In the wake of COVID-19 disruption, more than two-thirds of boards of directors accelerated their digital business initiatives, and about half foresee changing their organizations' business model.

Future of Telemedicine
By AdminOn 04 May 2021

Technology has turned several of our dreams into reality. Telemedicine is one of them, which allows the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine makes use of the Internet to connect patients and providers with each other and it is continuously growing day by day. Terms like e-health, m-Health, and telehealth are often interchanged for telemedicine, but the deliverable remains the same: the connection and interaction between patient and caregiver with the help of technology.

Digital Ethics and Privacy in Education Sector
By AdminOn 03 May 2021

The education sector all around the globe is shifting towards digitized learning and the Covid-19 outbreak has only accelerated the same. It is making a huge impact on the education system—from personalized learning experiences that help in improving engagement to reduced costs and frequently updated content for the learners. The adoption of technologies like the cloud has enabled file-sharing applications in addition to collaboration tools to aid learning. All the academic institutions are continuously collecting increasing amounts of data from the learners in order to enhance the learning experience and better serve their students. But is your data actually safe with these institutions? New data protection laws are bolstering the privacy rights of individuals in this modern data-driven landscape. This is why schools, colleges, universities, and e-learning providers—irrespective of their size and location— are now bound to comply with much stricter data privacy requirements. We are going to put light on some of the implications of data protection legislation on the education sector along with digital ethics and your privacy. It will help you become an informed individual and have more clarity about your rights in the education sector. But first, we need to understand what exactly compliance is.

Myths of Digital Transformation
By Goavega StaffOn 18 Mar 2021

Currently, almost every company is involved in digital transformation, in one form or another. But how many of them are actually making the best out of it? A few (as few as 8%); only this percentage of global companies have been able to achieve their targeted business outcomes via making investments in digital technologies. In other words, more than 90% of companies can’t harness the power of digital transformation properly and are struggling to deliver on the promise of a technology-enabled business model.

The Future of Product Design
By AdminOn 09 Feb 2021

Product designing is witnessing a constant change in processes used for it as customers are eyeing out for more sophisticated customization. Today, disrupted supply chains need alternate sources for materials and components which is why manufacturers across the globe face increasing pressure to maximize agility while minimizing waste. Now, products are no longer static objects. In fact, the “end product” continues to evolve and grow in functionality once it’s delivered.

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