IT During Covid 19 Pandemic

Given the current situation with Corona Pandemic, the safety of our employees, their families, vendors and suppliers comes first. As a safety and precautionary measure, Goavega is operating 100% remotely since last week. One of the key challenges with organizations working remotely is reliance on IT infrastructure. Goavega, since incubation, has been fairly nimble and operating with zero on-premise servers, making working remotely easy.

Few things that made our transition into a “fully remote organization” a little bit easier

  • We have all our IT infrastructure & support system in the cloud (backed by cloud AD). Setting up VPN connectivity was not required since we don’t have any reliance on on-prem servers.

  • We have been heavy users of collaboration tools like MS Teams and Zoom (heck even WhatsApp) even before we were “forced” to work remotely. This makes communication between remote team members and with our customers easy.

  • All Goavegans have been empowered with remote working capabilities from day 1 – everyone gets a laptop, irrespective of their title or years in the organization.

  • Apps like Microsoft Lens help in scanning documents which earlier required a conventional scanner.

Having said that, working remotely can always be disconcerting everyone is used to working in close proximity with fellow team members and can feel isolating to few. We encourage all our teams to have video calls every morning and evening so everyone feels part of the bigger team. Communication (both internal and external) is the key in making sure that morale and productivity levels stay upbeat during these trying times.

I believe there will be far reaching consequences of the Corona pandemic once we have conquered it. It will force “conventional” companies to reassess their current IT – relying more on the cloud and having a more agile IT infrastructure.

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