By Goavega StaffOn 04 Nov 2019

Hope you are clear about Apache Kafka introduction through my previous post. Here we will go through how we can install Apache Kafka on Windows.

STEP 1: Install JAVA 8 SDK

Make sure you installed JAVA 8 SDK on your system.  You can use chocolatey ( ) windows package manager for the same.

and make sure java SDK installed successfully.

STEP 2: Download and Install Apache Kafka Binaries

We will Apache Kafka binaries for installing Apache Kafka.  Go to Apache Kafka official download page ( and download the binaries.

STEP 3: Create Data folder for Zookeeper and Apache Kafka Create “data” folder and Kafka / Zookeeper directories inside data folder

STEP 4:  Change the default configuration value

Update zookeeper data directory path in “config/zookeeper.Properties” configuration file.

Update Apache Kafka log file path in “config/” configuration file.

STEP 5:  Start Zookeeper

Now time to start zookeeper from command prompt. Change your directory to bin\windows and execute zookeeper-server-start.bat command with config/zookeeper.Properties configuration file.

And make sure zookeeper started successfully

STEP 6:  Start Apache Kafka

Finally time to start Apache Kafka from command prompt. Run kafka-server-start.bat command with kafka config/ configuration file.

This will start our Apache Kafka successfully.


That is all for installing Apache Kafka on windows. Time to understand some of the Apache Kafka theory topics now. Please read Understanding Apache Kafka Topics and Partitions before we play around with Apache Kafka CLI commands.

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