For the past decade or so, social media is on the rise and with that plenty of opportunities lay open for brands to explore and showcase their offerings. One that has stood above all in terms of effectiveness is video. Not just any video but a gamut of videos that appeal to the target audiences.

Here are some video content ideas that you should use to help your brand boost its online presence:

Product Demo

A product demo is a proof of the way a product or software works. It is used by salespeople to introduce to potential customers a product, its functionalities and its value.

The demo of the product is different from that of a technical demo. A demo of the product is used to give an overview of the product and its value. On the other hand, a technical demo is more interactive and allows the prospect in a demo or sandbox setting to get to experience the product or software.

Why is a demo important for company? It stirs up the prospect of your product. The demo will give them a look at your solution. Plus it tells them how specific features can be applied to address their business needs and goals.

Engineering Videos

In the internet age, many young minds start their curiosity journey by exploring the world wide web.

Although its content spans countless hours of cat video loops and failing people, there are some truly intriguing accounts in it that investigate everyday life anomalies. YouTube’s information is vast, many channels offer amazing content for people to watch and learn. While there are lots of great YouTube channels, this list is going to target some of the most interesting active accounts that share amazing content that people can access.

Infographics Video

Infographics are a graphically appealing way of visualizing data. We contain critical information and data in whatever form we can come, and present it as a story. But Infographics still include a long list of text, numerous graphs and overelaborated charts, which is still an eye-load for some.

The whole idea of video infographics is not to replace the static infographic medium, but to use it as an additional tool to reach static places that cannot be reached. There are options for animating bits into video of a static infographic.

From traditional television commercials in the 1960s to YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo and even Facebook Live today, it’s no secret that video has become a staple in our daily lives.

Although it is convenient and effective for the consumer, video marketing offers an attractive, versatile, and highly shared platform for companies to communicate with their audiences.

In fact, Diode Digital recently found that online video as a marketing tool can be up to 600 per cent more efficient than combining print and direct mail.

Walkthrough Videos

3D modeling is useful for those instances where we will benefit from seeing a solid form of a physical object. Because of this, 2D models cannot justify the results required from model observation. The 3D modeling process enables artists to learn a range of techniques and forms to create models, animation, and even visualizations. As different techniques are taught to these artists, productivity increases as each technique is best suited to creating specific types of models.

Business tool

 It is a very useful business tool using 3D models. Through the use of 3D models and 3D visualizations we are able to create concepts that visual or tactile learners can easily learn. That is, those who learn best by visual recognition of an object, and those who learn best by being able to feel, or take part in an object.

Path-breaking Technology

3D models capable of imitating art by using complex lighting and photo-realistic capabilities generated using 3D modeling software programs. We can create imaginative 3D models which can support the arts as they provide other media.

Saves Time

Such architectural designs and planning, when done using conventional methods, take countless hours to produce valuable documents that are accurate in detail. But survival in this highly competitive environment requires producing quality output within the budget and time required.

Whiteboard Animation

Simple yet engaging, these are videos showing someone drawing images on a whiteboard or other surface. If you’ve ever seen this kind of video, you know they have a way to capture your attention. There’s something hypnotic about watching the words and images on the whiteboard unfold. This makes these videos a very effective tool for anyone who attempts to deliver a message in a compelling way.

Such types of videos take advantage of the average viewer’s short attention span. Through keeping the viewer’s eyes focused on the ever-changing pictures, people can be kept paying attention. The animation can be combined with a voiceover to create an even more informative and interesting presentation.

There are quite a few ways of producing videos. The most popular formats are:

  • Webcam images, where somebody is clearly talking into the camera.

  • Videos shot from cameras or cell phones.

  • Slideshow videos made with a PowerPoint-like programme.

  • Video slideshows made using a service like Animoto.

Whiteboard animation videos allow you to create professional-looking videos with several distinct advantages:

  • no need to appear or hire actors in front of the camera.

  • Animation on the whiteboard is entertaining and eye catching.

  • More distinctive and professional look than videos typed for slideshows.

  • They provide a good way to simply and engagingly explain concepts.

Whiteboard animation videos can also be used on your own blog or website to explain something about your product, service or business. This is a more interesting way of conveying knowledge than making people read long blocks of text, or even watching a more conventional type of video that includes nothing but slides or a talking human.

Kinetic Typography Animation

The high-quality kinetic typography can truly make your video stand out amidst the multitude of online videos.

Whether the tool / technology or other trendy thing is right for you or not is always an excellent choice to do your research than to go with the market trend, as it allows you to grasp core knowledge of the concept and decide for yourself.

Attraction and Retention The animation video of kinetic typography contains all the factors which impress marketers and business owners. First and foremost, video content works great for marketing, whether it’s for generating lead, selling, or passing on certain essential facts.

A text-based video doesn’t cost much money to create and publish, but when it comes to generating results, it is equally effective.

When we combine stylish moving texts and audio to transfer the information to our audience, viewers are more likely to grasp the video’s core ideas. If someone misses out your words, they can get the idea easily by reading the video fonts.

Lightboard videos

Using lightboard is like drawing on a typical whiteboard, but you face the audience and annotate pictures and slides directly, much like on a projector with overhead. The advantage of lightboard technology is that it allows graphics, slides, or video projection and records both your annotation and presentation, providing you with a learning resource to use with the audience.

Lightboard is very easy to use, and requires little or no post production. It can be directly uploaded to your favorite media server (YouTube) for quick delivery to your blog.

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