By Goavega StaffOn 03 Nov 2019

Apache Kafka allows you to decouple the data streams and system. It is a bridge between your source system and target system.

It is created by LinkedIn, Now Open source project maintained by confluent. It is powerful distributed data streaming platform for large scale enterprise application.

Characteristics of Kafka

Apache Kafka is popular because of the following major characteristics

  • Distributed

  • Resilient

  • Fault tolerant

  • Horizontal scalable

  • High performance / Real time

Apache Kafka Use cases

Apache Kafka used for

  • De-coupling of system dependencies

  • Messaging / Activity Tracking

  • Log processing

  • Integration with Big Data technologies

  • Stream processing


That is all from Introduction, Keep in mind Apache Kafka is a enterprise level message Streaming / Publishing and consuming platform that can be used to connect multiple independent systems. Lets install Kafka on windows and we will play around with CLI commands soon.

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