By Goavega StaffOn 29 May 2020

We are often seemed to be trapped in our own fears of letting go and irony being we are possibly blind to it. Possible masks can be like "I am responsible for everyone" "I must ensure" "how can I let things go wrong". Yesterday, my younger daughter saw how to bake on YouTube and wanted to make the easy to bake a cake on her own. I was petrified to let her in the kitchen. She said mom, you just be there to ensure I am safe. I will do it all. Now, I was amazed at her confidence. She did it all on her own while I simply watched over. Today, she taught her friends how to make it. I had to let go of my fear of "what if" for her growth as a person as also my growth.

I realized, that even, at workplace we come across certain fears wherein you feel responsible for what the millennials do. My motherly instincts seem to kick in at most times.

Goavega has very strong leaders, who know their team and have cultivated a happy work culture. That happiness among employees’ fuels performance and achievement, resulting in a competitive edge which many companies crave.

My job at Goavega keeps me challenged, intellectually engaged, and appeals to the kinds of things I like doing. I'm lucky.  Even if you can't, it's possible to make your job "yours" by putting your own interests or spin on it. Employers, in general, like "initiative" or "working under minimal supervision", so take full advantage of that. The employers that DON'T like that - avoid them (I worked for one like this, and it made me miserable).

There are people who are miserable in their jobs who are in a rough situation and don't know how to leave or work a different way. There are others who don't want to put a lot into work, and then there are those who need to work miserable jobs because they don't have other opportunities. Do what you can to avoid that. Look around you, and see who is doing what kind of work, what you're qualified for, and what will appeal to you. It takes time, and it takes effort.

I keep saying to myself “It is a bit late for you to grow up, but better late than never”. You need to determine your own interests and talents, and how to proceed with your life.

According to my observation, the worst thing about office life is that if you have downtime, you are expected to keep yourself busy. You can't work when you are feeling the most productive. You have to commute. You get distracted by all of the office activities and end up working from home at night to make up for it.

Here are some points that one can ponder on  :

  1. Reading - Most of the time reading is often related to isolation. It is regarded as an activity that needs silence and some concentration. But if we look at other side of it- it’s our love towards something that makes us do that thing, we even tend to cut an hour from our sleep to divert time to that thing. Forget about the chaos around, grab a good book, and devour into it. E-books can also help. And please learn to pay, we tend to take care to take care of things we pay for, the same can be applied to books.

  2. Music - If allowed sneaking some time out from the surroundings; plug-ins can help the purpose. And try this- if you are really tired of the gossip next to you. Plugin your earphones, people will think before coming to you and start gossip, and if it’s something important related to work then they will approach you anyways.

  3. Find your spot - Yes, this is your temporary address, just like the one we used to have in school and in college. Find a place in the office; it can be the basement or can be the roof or any floor between these two. Spend some time there and think.

  4. Connect & Share & Participate - With fellow colleagues, with new recruits, with the person working just under your floor (if you are working at one floor above) or anyone anonymous. Out of Facebook; connect to people, try to see how they reached here in your surroundings. Maybe every story is the same but words are different.

  5. Talk to people, but don't gossip - The golden rule- mind your work, people always want what is sought by others.

    And love what you do, live what you love. It’s never about time, it’s always about the brain, work to keep your brain active and awake. The fewer people you chill with, the less crap you deal with.

  6. Cherish - The work that you do or the duties specified to you, work in small targets, smile at mini achievements. Keep yourself alarmed and awake.

The last one- Be with yourself; because once these office hours are over, the things that stand in the queue- tired, dinner, laundry (etc., etc.), a phone call to parents, a long-awaited talk with a friend and sleep.

Come tomorrow- office again.

Goavega has inspired me and I am addicted to the culture and people here….which pulls me to work every day.

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