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Yoga Made me a Better Person

My first yoga was when I was in the 3rd year of engineering vacation and I was going through difficult times. One of my friends suggested me to do yoga that helps to keep a calm mind and relieve from all the stress. I joined yoga classes during the vacation of two months. This is when I could appreciate what yoga could do to us. Yoga taught me how to control my emotions, mind and keep up with the stress. We can’t change the situation, but we can choose how to deal with it.

My day starts at 5.30am every day and ends at 11:30 pm. If I am not going to spend any time on my health, I guess it would be a disaster in the long run. I do yoga alternate days with the running/gym. I make sure somehow my day as an hour for my physical fitness. That keeps my spirits high and also energy to perform at my best. Yoga is not about being able to perform complicated movements and postures. It is a comprehensive approach to mental and physical health, as well as individual well-being and personal growth. Yoga is the extended concept of working peacefully in the midst of hectic work life in a corporate environment.

Below are some of the simple exercise you can do in the office while sitting on a chair. Practicing these poses at the desk will minimize your discomfort throughout the day, and will make it easier for you to focus on work. 

Both Leg Rise

Raise both lower limbs and improve blood circulation to avoid swollen foot, varicose veins and DVT .

Chair Spinal Twist

Twist your torso toward the right, holding onto the back of the chair, for a Spinal twist to release the musculoskeletal stiffness like lower back and neck. Then repeat the other side

Hand Stretch

Stretch Both the hands to prevent frozen shoulders and good stretch for spine and neck muscle

Fingers Squeezing

Fingers squeezing with breathing awareness to stimulate peripheral nervous system as well good exercise for fingers and fore arms.

Palms Stretch

Palms up and down stretch with breathing awareness to prevent RSI (Repeated Stress Injury) in wrists and palms.

Have a healthier, happier, and more stress-free day every day. Good morning anytime


  • July 12, 2019


    Amazing, very impressive and motivates to all who don’t give time for themselves to keep fit and healthy

  • July 23, 2019

    Seetharaman JAYARAMAN

    Thanks Sumana for the inspiration. Will start practicing from today.

  • September 19, 2019

    Sumana Iyengar

    Thanks Seetha 🙂

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