Meet Our Team

Sumana Iyengar

Sumana Iyengar

CEO and Co-Founder

Sumana has a versatile global experience in IT industry in various areas from Delivery management, Risk management, operations management to strategic planning and consulting. At Goavega, she provides leadership to drive growth and customer delight.

Sachin Nigam CTO Goavega

Sachin Nigam

CTO and Co-Founder

Sachin is a technologist who always explores new and promising technologies which best suits the customer needs. He also sets the technology road map for Goavega and recommends what technology suits the best for all our customers. Building public facing portals on web and mobile is his forte. An effective communicator, motivator and planner who can map technology to business.

Mahesh Alayil COO Goavega

Mahesh Alayil

COO and Co-Founder

Mahesh is a technologist who keeps himself up to date with technology. At Goavega, he takes care of delivery management, release management, training and skill development. He has expertise in mobile computing, social and cloud computing. He is passionate for technology and is never away from the keyboard.


Anand Narasimhan


Profit driven technology executive, leading businesses drive growth, expand globally, and deepen brand value with client centric vision for technology & operational excellence. Expertise spans product development, technology re-engineering, big data analytics, cloud computing, managing global delivery, building high performance teams while transforming businesses and turning them around to profitability.       


Sriram Bharadhwaj


A serial entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in handling Technology. Twenty five years’ experience in being an owner of technology businesses. Successfully co-founded, scaled, and exited technology businesses. Having experienced full lifecycle of business management. Excellent entrepreneurial and business management skills. In addition, in the past over ten years, he has been helping clients as an investment banker and business consultant, where he has , successfully executed a number of equity-raise and mergers & acquisition transactions for clients, and has supported a number of businesses as an strategic advisor. He is also a passionate early stage investor. 
Bishwajeet Mitra Picture

Bishwajeet Mitra


Bishwajeet is a Business accelerator, he comes with 30 years of experience in building successful businesses. He disrupts the way companies approach their brand’s vision and apply customer centricity across departments. His focus is on growing the business 360degree, as a CGO he blurs the traditional separation of sales, marketing and IT functions in a company, keeping a holistic view of these departments while strategizing for the future. As a CGO he brings a customer centric focus that breaks departmental silos and aligns teams to work towards a common future. He is in direct line with the CEO and the rest of the C-suite / Co-Founders provides easy, high-level cross-department insights with an eye on growth; thereby allowing the CEO to focus more on strategy & company vision.