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    Internet of Things(IoT) Technology Solutions

    Goavega is one of the trusted IoT solution providers in India that offers IoT solutions to transform your business and reduce the time to market. Our innovative solutions have provided an effective ROI for many of our clients. We offer effective IoT ecosystem management with Device Management, Analytics and Intelligent Edge Devices. We also provide IoT management solutions using cloud-based integration.


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    IoT Solutions in India

    Internet of Things is an important innovation for companies to help them assess their performance and continually make enhancements in their business strategies. It helps improve an organization’s efficiency and thus enhances customer experience. With the increasing dependence on IoT, companies will also have to be careful while dealing with data. Data security becomes important and thus the IoT technology should be embedded with secured layers of protection. In the coming times, IoT will make our lives easier. The M2M(machine to machine) interaction shall be beneficial for both the company and the users. Along with that, it can also be implemented within the organization which can help improve the process efficiency as well.

    IDC has estimated a total of 30 billion connected devices by 2020 with IoT having an economic value of around $1.46 trillion and close to $3 trillion by 2026. Humongous data is generated by these devices every second that can be utilized for formulating effective strategies to increase the ROI. It’s going to be a turning point for businesses with the business leaders having the power to drive sustainable growth. With a growing market for this technology, the number of Internet of things companies are also growing. We as your IoT service provider can help you tap into the potential of IoT which shall redefine your business.

    The insights gained from this data, in turn, give rise to new services that can complement the conventional product business.

    Goavega’s professional solutions development services help you bring your IoT solution to market faster. Our comprehensive solutions and services around integral layers of the IoT include Intelligent Edge Devices, Connectivity, Device Management, Enterprise Integration, and Analytics.

    We help you manage the complexities of the IoT ecosystem, right from devices to applications, big data to analytics, security and scalability, all in the cloud.


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    IoT concept is a very unique and innovative solution devised for consumers’ ease of access and better service. In an IoT technology, there are usually 4 basic components: sensors, connectivity, data analysis/processing and user interface. The sensors on the IoT device collect the information from the surroundings which may/may not be sent by the user. The collected information is sent to the cloud or company server for processing. After processing, appropriate data is sent to the user on his device through which the user communicates with the device via a user interface. This is the most basic concept of IoT implementation.

    • Better connectivity thus leading to increased responsiveness
    • Improved efficiency with real-time analysis
    • Better customer service and satisfaction
    • Reduction of costs
    • Improved workplace safety and collaboration
    • Better asset utilization

    While IoT technology may sound very fascinating but it has to be done the right way to tap into its full potential. Some of the challenges while implementing IoT are:

    • Lack of proper skills
    • Inability to meet the IoT standards and compliances
    • The high investment cost for setting up an IoT infrastructure
    • Increased layers of security to protect the multiple data points and reduce vulnerability

    IoT cloud is a great way of IoT device management seamlessly and flexibly by integration with the cloud platform. The cloud platform provides an easy way of utilizing the IoT devices most efficiently.

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