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Cloud Enablement Services

  • Prototyping
  • Migration to cloud
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Cloud Maturity Assessment
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Mobile Application development on Cloud
Cloud Managed Services

Going cloud helps in many ways including enabling new and flexible operating models as well the ability to stay on top in a constantly and competitive business environment. While cloud makes your job easy, the journey can be costly and tough. You’ll have to ask these questions before even thinking about deploying cloud. Is it good for faster time to market? Will it improve your customer experience and will it help in scalability in the future? Will it save you cost?

Goavega is actively helping enterprises and ISV’s to adopt cloud technologies and leverage the full benefits of private, public and hybrid cloud. We work with customers to help them understand potential drivers for cloud adoption and define a supporting business case to realize the full benefits of operating in a cloud environment.

At Goavega, we have perfected the cloud enablement services and strategy that answers all of these above questions. Our cloud enablement services help companies to totally transform their business on time and within budget. We use a strategy that’s tailor-made and considers all deployment models before freezing on a model that suits your business. Our cloud enablement process is seamless, modern, secure, and agile.

Cloud Solutions‎


Cloud migration

Architecting and migrating an e-auctioning company to the cloud. See how we saved our customers Over $4.5m last year

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