Our cloud enablement process is seamless, modern, secure and agile.

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    Cloud Enablement Services and Solutions

    Our experienced team at Goavega will help you assess your current business scenario to ensure that the migration to the cloud is beneficial. Our specialized professionals will ensure a smooth and secure enablement process along with helping businesses achieve maximum leverage from cloud technologies. We ensure that enablement solutions are coherent with time and budget constraints. We formulate effective strategies that help deploy the most suitable migration model for your business.


    Designing potential models and testing efficacy of solutions


    Solutions on the  appropriate business architecture post-assessment


    Ensuring a smooth experience with cloud architecture post-adoption through adequate management 

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    Enabling a business to shift to cloud smoothly


    Gauging the organization’s  readiness for cloud adoption with proper tools 


    Assistance in cloud technology for mobile applications development

    Cloud-Enablement Process

    Cloud Enablement Services

    Cloud Managed Services

    As businesses get more competitive, achieving cost efficiency becomes a key priority to sustain the competition. Companies are striving to be lean and agile in their operations to have a differentiating factor in the market. Cloud technology is one of those innovative solutions which helps you achieve all of this. There are various companies in the market offering cloud services on a pay per use basis. Organizations are leveraging this technology to optimize their business processes. It has various offerings including business intelligence, analytics, IT infrastructure and many more. But the migration to the cloud is a complicated process and if not done properly cannot produce the desired results. That is where cloud management comes into the picture. An experienced cloud architect can help formulate strategies that alleviate the complexities associated with the cloud migration process and help with a smooth transformation which helps unlock the full potential of the cloud in the long run. Cloud technology helps a business run smoothly by providing higher computing power and storage space with optimal utilization of resources. It provides a safe and secure environment for producing business value. Therefore, cloud management solutions are in high demand.

    We can consult you through our cloud management services and ensure that your business goals are met.

    At Goavega, we have perfected the cloud enablement services and strategy that answers all of these above questions. Our cloud enablement services help companies to totally transform their business on time and within budget. We use a strategy that’s tailor-made and considers all deployment models before freezing on a model that suits your business. Our cloud enablement process is seamless, modern, secure, and agile.

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    Architecting and migrating an e-auctioning company to the cloud. See how we saved our customers Over $4.5m last year

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    Cloud technology has several advantages to offer as listed below:

    • Cost savings
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Scalability
    • Flexibility
    • Security
    • Sustainability and competitive edge
    • Enhanced collaboration

    There are different types of cloud solutions available. Based on the deployment model, they can be categorized as:

    • Private
    • Public
    • Hybrid
    • Community

    Based on the service offering by cloud technology, it can be classified as:

    • SaaS(Software as a service)
    • IaaS(Infrastructure as a service)
    • PaaS(Platform as a service)

    • Performance issues

    Because of the presence of a multi-vendor and multi-environment system in the cloud technology, there is a lack of control in the cloud migrated applications and thus can cause performance issues impacting the business in the long run.


    • Optimized sizing

    Cloud architecture sizing can pose serious issues during migration. Forecasting and simulating business for the post-migration scenario and estimating the optimized architecture is very tedious. The costs may not be controlled in the process.


    • Adequate design

    Cloud architects need to make some trade-offs while making design choices for cloud migration. During the design stage, estimating the run-time consequences with the available choices might be difficult. Improper prediction might lead to post-migration issues hampering the operations.


    • Resilience

    The cloud architecture sometimes may lead to unpredictable failures depending on the user and business workloads.


    • Security

    As the cloud computing and data storage resources of the cloud are located physically and logically separate from the enterprise network, it has several security issues. 

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