Cloud Data Security

Secure sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance. It is a responsibility.


Cyber risks have always been a major concern for organizations. The pandemic has now made businesses more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attacks and data espionage by accelerating digitalization and virtual work environments. Cloud data security refers to protecting data, applications, and infrastructure from security threats across data foot prints in cloud environments. Data breaches can occur because of vulnerability to cybercriminals or due to accidental human errors. This makes it imperative for organisations to look at cyber risk as a high-level priority. Organisations must put in place agile and forward-thinking risk management processes to mitigate cyber threats and ensure regulatory compliance.


Cloud security technologies

Organizations that work in cloud environments must keep in mind that while public cloud environments do have built-in security systems in place, cloud security technologies are required to be put in place in private clouds. Further, even in public clouds, built in security measures are not adequate to protect data is protected once they leave the cloud to interface with other systems. Our services include:

Cloud security technologies
 Comprehensive solutions for risk areas

Comprehensive solutions for risk areas

  • Identification of weak links and access controls.
  • Controls for data transmission
  • Access controls and authorizations for remote work
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Regulatory compliance and compliance with standards
  • Model of network security with zero trust
  • Automated security operations
  • Cloud-native security controls
  • Vulnerability testing and system integrity
  • Firewalls and Application Whitelisting



Orchestrate security demands based on sensitivity
Draw up an effective threat remediation plan with real-time controls to remediate cyberthreats in cloud environments



Conduct audit and report compliance
Build visibility and enable organisations to gain control over cyberthreats on an ongoing basis



At Goavega, our expert research and security intelligence teams work in close sync with technical experts and help organisations become resilient to cyber-attacks both internally and externally.

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We embed cyber security measures at every stage of your cloud journey. We adopt a zero-trust approach to security and cyber regulatory compliance.

Our cloud security solutions are comprehensive. We cover risk assessment, the risk appetite framework, risk mitigation plans, and incident response measures with a focus on ensuring zero downtime and business continuity.

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Reach out to us to integrate cyber security measures into your data footprints across the cloud journey. installation, configuration, and management of cloud computing systems, enabling businesses to make the best use of their cloud-based resources.