Cloud Driven Application & Data Modernization

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Application modernization is about upgrading enterprise legacy applications in terms of platform infrastructure and process architecture. Legacy applications carry baggage such as incompatible software, low-end hardware, lack of mobility of processors, digital assets closing in on support, and so on. Hence the need for modernization of applications. Digitalized processes that evolve with technology and are agile to customer expectations are a business imperative in the context of the future of work, where virtual teams and hybrid work cultures will rule work environments.


We are widely engaged by our clients to modernize legacy applications into scalable cloud-native app environments. Our holistic approach to IT modernization will integrate infrastructure, architecture, people, and processes. Our services include:

Migrating from a monolithic architecture to microservices

Monolithic architecture has several drawbacks because they share a common database. This results in a lack of agility to make changes, slower processing speed due to volume, and complexity in adopting or integrating newer technology for specific objectives. Breaking down the architecture into microservices helps to build a suite of modules with independent databases. Each module has a specific purpose and can be used and scaled independently of the others. At the same time, they are well interfaced through an API in order to communicate effectively with the different modules.

Migrating from a monolithic architecture to microservices
DevOps methodology

DevOps methodology

Our DevOps methodology brings together developers and the operations team in collaboration by automating infrastructure and workflows as well as evaluating performance. Our DevOps tools include-

  • Tools for agile planning that ensure adaptability to changing customer needs and business environments.
  • Our CI/CD tools ensure a seamless interface and repeatable automation between development and production. Source Code Management is automated, enabling testing, continuous monitoring, and seamless delivery.
  • Infrastructure as code: We use this to automate scale on-demand or overcome app failures by provisioning and configuring new alternate applications.

Cloud-native technology adoption

As part of the application modernization of technology, we help clients migrate apps on virtual machines to cloud-native technologies. Migration is a complex process, but our team has deep expertise in the migration of applications, either in totality or in a refactored form to optimize containerization.We work out efficient migration plans to bring down the heavy investment in servers and operating systems. On completion, cloud-native migrations make it easier for developers to build,scale, and make iterative updates.

Cloud-native technology adoption



Evaluation of legacy apps and software
Identify capability gaps with business strategy



Prioritize based on budget bandwidth
Management buy-in for roadmap



Implementation phase


Refactoring monolithic systems into scalable API-driven platforms as microservices is at the core of our application modernization capabilities. Moving data from legacy systems to advanced data lakes help our customers capture key data at all points, integrate them into meaningful insights, and use it in decision making.

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We have a system of evaluating application modernization projects from multiple angles, such as agility for evolving environments, business value, cost of modernization, and business discontinuity costs before we recommend projects that will deliver return on investment and breakthrough customer experiences.

The application modernization process carries multiple challenges, both operationally and culturally. Ensuring parallel runs, alignment of the team to a shared vision, business continuity during modernization, etc. are just some of them which are handled efficiently by a project team represented by product owners, an autonomous stack team, and a project manager.

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If you are working with legacy applications that are a drain on your bottom line, do contact us and Goavega will help you with an end-to-end transition without downtime to your business.