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Accelerating Delivery with DevOps

Our DevOps Solutions

Provided as a cloud service
Monitoring & Back-up
Building reports including integration with unit testing and code coverage​

Our DevOps Process

Define and Plan
Code, Build and Configure
Packaging and Pre-Production
Release, Deploy, and Orchestration
Continuous management and configuration


Agile planning tools


Source code  management

Infrastructure   as Code (IaC)


Continuous  monitoring

From shopping to banking, internet and software have entirely transformed the way these industries function. Companies today use software for everything— from running daily operations to interacting with customers and even logistics. Today, the software has become an integral part of every business.

Software development is a two-way street comprising of development and operations teams. Most of the time these two teams work in silos, and that can impact the business. DevOps, however, makes it easier by automating the processes between the developers and the operations team. Goavega’s DevOps methodology fastens the development and delivery processes by enhancing collaboration and communication at all levels.

There are several benefits to having Goavega work with you for DevOps: Strategy: Create Roadmap, Assessment and Recovery, and organization readiness. Define Metrics. Run Pilots: Implement pilot frameworks, leverage existing tools and integrate with open source or licensed tools for CI. Managed services: Manage and enhance people skills, culture, processes, tools, and more.

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