Role/Importance of Statistics in AI
By Goavega StaffOn 27 September 2021

In this article, we understand why data is important, and talk about the importance of statistics in data analysis and data science.

AI — A Silver Bullet for Every Industry?
By AdminOn 27 September 2021

Is AI a silver bullet for every industry? Or is it just a marketing term? Find out what AI really is and how it can be applied.

How AI-Driven Quality Engineering Is Driving Value Across The Software Development Life Cycle
By Goavega StaffOn 14 May 2021

Day by day, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming increasingly popular with their use cases and applications spreading across all industries. All thanks to the organizations in various industries that are rapidly adopting applications of these emerging technologies. Businesses are now realizing the true power and significant value that can be obtained from implementing these technologies. But what is the main reason for such increased popularity of these technologies and how they are benefiting businesses? Let’s take a close look at few use cases of AI and ML across several industries to understand their common characteristics and finally analyse them through the perspective of quality engineering.

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