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    Enabling AR/VR Capabilities and Solutions

    Goavega has a dedicated team of specialists in the AR/VR domain that can help you develop end to end solutions based on your business needs. We can help you create a remarkable digital experience that shall help refine the user journey and drive business growth. Whether it’s a workplace or a customer experience, Goavega will help you furnish the right AR/VR solutions tailored to your needs.


    Our AR solutions incorporate 3D modeling and visualization with  real-time experience  focused on surface and target activated technology

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    Our VR solutions include  AR Wearables, Reality Games, applications for Oculus which are also iOS and android supported.  



    3d Models and Visualizations
    Real time experience
    Surface activated
    Targeted activated

    AR Wearable
    Reality Games
    VR Apps for Oculus etc
    iOS and Android supported

    AR and VR Solutions

    Customer journeys have undergone drastic changes over time. Augmented and virtual reality platforms are gaining widespread popularity as they provide users with a new visual browsing experience. It holds a big opportunity for businesses to upgrade their game. Currently, there are a lot of AR/VR products in the market which is changing the way customers want to interact with their environment. It is creating a need in the market to enhance the user experience with their surroundings. Not only for customers, smartly designed AR/VR resources can be an asset within the organization environment too. It can help leaders communicate their ideas effectively. AR/VR solutions can be implemented in each of the functions of an organization to make the operations more smooth and productive. Along with that, smartly designed applications can help the employees deliver solutions remotely. In the long run, it might turn out to be a good investment in terms of innovation in the workplace. AR/VR can help transform the way of conducting business by incorporating agile operations solution to improve efficiency and redefine consumer experience and preferences. This will help create a positive impact on brand equity and the bottom line of businesses.

    If you envision living and creating such innovations in the future, we are there to assist you.

    Learn more about AR/VR solutions

    Augmented reality helps combine the details of the physical world with that of the computer-generated one and thus enhances the user experience. These are some of the benefits of AR solutions:

    • It’s a unique technology and can help gain a differentiating factor
    • It generates an opportunity for personalization
    • Smart interaction with the surroundings
    • Less dependence on physical infrastructure

    VR is completely different as compared to AR but the benefits of this technology are more or less the same. Some of the benefits are :

    • Helps in the prototyping of the end product/service
    • Offers space for a visual try-out of a product or service
    • Supports a unique visual experience
    • Fosters innovation and creativity

    Although both these technologies are meant to enhance the visual experience of the user, be it the business or a customer, they are different in various aspects. A VR product replaces the real surroundings with a completely virtual one and helps the user interact differently with that surrounding. But the AR solutions embed the real surroundings with relevant computer-generated information based on the type of application being used. Both are completely different yet achieve the common goal of enhancing the visual experience innovatively.

    The AR/VR industry is still at an infancy stage and the full potential is yet to be achieved. But still, many sectors such as manufacturing, educational technology, retail, travel, healthcare and many more have started using this technology.

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