Our Product Office in a box as a service helps SME’s and SMB’s to stay focused on business and with internal IT being taken care of.

Our subscription based model hosted on cloud requires no captial expenditure, no in-house expertise and no high operational cost. This is an ideal solution for companies and organizations that are looking for alternative to expensive, highly restrictive legacy system. Our solution is accesible from anywhere at anytime and almost on any device.

Why Slate

Simplified Billing

Pay as you go model

White labelled solution

Single click setup for IT

Best of breed solution selected from Azure and open source

Hassle free IT management at low budget


Maintenance and support

Website as support services

Finance – To manage expenses and invoice

Human resource management system

Office365 for all collaboration and communication

Customer Relationship Management

This is designed for the SME's and SMB's

Slate  addresses the IT challenges that SMB’s have. It is configurable, scalable and secure to users.

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