The demand for non-profit services are increasing but budgets remain tight and resources slim. Goavega understands the pressure and challenges that non-profits encounter in raising funds, running events and reaching out to target audience at both community and national level.

Goavega has worked with several non-profit organizations to deliver cost-effective IT services and solutions through Digital Transformation there by improving operational efficiency, cost reduction, expand community reach and enable effective fund raising.

We help NPO’s in identifying right Products and Solutions, Technology Roadmap, Content Management and Process Automation. Our technical and functional experts work with stakeholders and help them to think digital ensuring that they derive benefits for a good cause.


  • Digital Transformation (Strategy, Marketing , Social Media and Analytics)
  • Event Management System
  • Volunteer Management System
  • Online Donation Management System

  • Content Management Across All Platforms
  • Integration Services
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Social Media Integration