During past few years the Medical and Recreational Marijuana industry has experienced a surge in industry revenue. Thanks to favourable legislation towards growing and distributing cannabis for medical purposes. Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States. 17 million people already live in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Based on legalization projections, this number is expected to increase to 86 million – over 25% of the US population – by 2017.

Goavega has been helping dispensaries to carry out business with maximum operational efficiency. We have built a software platform that helps dispensaries to connect with their customers across Multiple Devices, thereby improving overall Customer Engagement and Experience. The customers can pre-order and purchase medical marijuana using mobile devices.


  • SaaS based Self Service Model
  • Payment Gateway Systems
  • POS Integration
  • Cloud Digital Signage, OTA
  • Inventory Management System
  • Print Labels

  • E-marketing Rating and Reviews
  • Catalog Management
  • Order Management
  • Integrated Customer Insights
  • Mobile Apps
  • Search and Recommendations