The top ten strategic technologies in education industry as per Gartner are Adaptive Learning and E-textbooks, CRM, BigData, Sourcing Strategies, Exostructure, Open Microcredentials, Digital Assessment, Mobile and Social Learning. Organization must embrace these technologies which is outside the industry to scale business and have engaging learning experience for the community.

Goavega is a leading Product Engineering Services Company catering to education/e-learning ISVs, K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Academic Centers. Our professionals have worked extensively in education domain to develop and implement solutions that address operational and regulatory requirements consistent with each unique culture.


  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content/Knowledge Management & Repository
  • Assessment Reporting and Analytics
  • School Information Management System

  • Alumni Management & Fund Raising
  • E-learning Applications/Products
  • Skill Improvement and Assessment
  • Educational Games and Stories