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Goavega is a product engineering, design and technology house that helps clients to design, develop and deploy products and solutions for the connected world. With expertise in Mobility, Cloud, Web Solutions and Analytics we help build products and solutions for companies in Education, Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Intelligent Buildings, Medical Marijuana and NPO's. We follow Agile and help our clients develop differentiated products while accelerating time-to-market and reducing overall product development expenses.

Why Goavega?

Benefits to customers with our process and approach
  • doneIncreased productivity.
  • doneImproved project visibility.
  • doneFaster time to market.
  • doneAbility to manage changing priorities.
  • doneSimplified development process.
  • doneImproved engineering discipline.

Our Industry Verticals


Technological advancements are transforming the entire healthcare industry at an unprecedented pace in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other regulatory requirements, while trying to improve efficiency amid reimbursement reductions. Healthcare ISVs are challenged by the expanding e-Health initiatives, competing products and applications, and new standards for security and compliance. Goavega… Read More

Education and E-Learning

The top ten strategic technologies in education industry as per Gartner are Adaptive Learning and E-textbooks, CRM, BigData, Sourcing Strategies, Exostructure, Open Microcredentials, Digital Assessment, Mobile and Social Learning. Organization must embrace these technologies which is outside the industry to scale business and have engaging learning experience for the community. Goavega is a leading Product… Read More


Today’s Banking industry is more dependent on technology for all aspects of their business. One of the major factor that are accelerating the change in which Banking industry operates is Digital Disruption, driven by customers who have radically altered their behaviours. They demand new and better levels of service and want to interact with their… Read More

E-Commerce & Retail

Retail industry is more dynamic and is continuously evolving. Today online stores are more popular than a physical store. The retailers have to reshape and reinvent adapting new technologies and scale their business. Multichannel, Mobile commerce and customer centric personalization, Dynamic price differentiation, predictive analytics and IoT trends have to be considered and applied. Goavega… Read More

Media and Publishing

In today’s digital world, locating relevant information and retrieving them in a timely manner is critical. Media and Publishing industries are focusing on gathering consumer behaviours in innovative ways. This will help them to deliver the content across multiple channels and hence grow the revenue numbers. Goavega helps in providing solutions on robust content management… Read More

Medical Marijuana

During past few years the Medical and Recreational Marijuana industry has experienced a surge in industry revenue. Thanks to favourable legislation towards growing and distributing cannabis for medical purposes. Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States. 17 million people already live in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Based on legalization… Read More

Non Profit Organizations

The demand for non-profit services are increasing but budgets remain tight and resources slim. Goavega understands the pressure and challenges that non-profits encounter in raising funds, running events and reaching out to target audience at both community and national level. Goavega has worked with several non-profit organizations to deliver cost-effective IT services and solutions through… Read More

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